Health Challenge November

My first heath challenge
     This challenge was for me to limit my coffee in-take. I am a coffee lover and I drink it any time of day. I know for my health issue I need to drink water instead of coffee. I recently have been informed by my doctor that regular coffee raises blood pressure because of the caffeine in it. The decaf coffee taste terrible so I do not like to drink it. I am trying to control my blood pressure naturally so what I did for myself was I challenged myself to no coffee for the next seven days. I really surprised myself, I didn't have a taste for it for the following two weeks. I didn't drink any until I had a taste for it. The fourth week, I bought a cup of coffee and realized I didn't really like it any more. I thought to myself, if I can do eliminate coffee, I could eliminate other habits as well, like unhealthy eating habits by using this same method of self-challenge instead of trying to quit everything cold turkey. I just wanted to share with anyone who may have some health challenges and are not successful thus far, maybe this could help you. Just start out small and simple. My goal is not to diet, it is to change from bad habits to good healthy habits which will lead to a healthy lifestyle. If you feel that this could help you, try it and share your results. Let me know your health challenges and natrual home remedies. How do you control your blood pressure? What do you suggest to control glucose levels? What's your exercise routine? Medecations help and hurt your body at the same time. Side effects can be a big risk. I hope this helps someone out there.
     I hope everyone is healthy, happy and blessed!!! Have a great weekend.

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